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Hollywood has long been knows how to create blockbusters having the largest audience. Often these are remakes proven way to lure viewers to air-conditioned cinemas. While the new production of Universal is not dust free version of an old movie, the characters are well known to us: the monster Frankenstein, the Wolf-Man, Dr. Jekyll / Mr Hyde and the immortal Count Dracula along with his seductive engaged to be married.

It is from these monsters will have to fight Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman), a hero of the new film by Stephen Sommers ( "The Mummy," "The Mummy: Returns"). The prototype of the main character is wampirobójca, Abraham Van Helsing - one of the characters in the novel Dracula, Bram Stoker (played by Anthony Hopkins in the film by Francis Ford Coppola).

Although Sommers in his name is Gabriel and he is much younger than its predecessor, still with his characteristic charm - thanks to Jackman - cleanses the world of rampant evil after him. Gabriel Van Helsing is a full-time slayer of monsters - uses a large number of interesting gadgets and secret services working on the law of the Church. We know him, when dealing with the Mr. Hyde who is terrorizing Paris, he goes to Transylvania with a religious brother Carl (David Wenham). Their task is to exterminate vampire: Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) - immortal, the Romanian prince who has evil plans for the world.

Dracula accompanied by three beautiful brides - Aleera (Elena Anaya), Verona (Silvia Colloca) and Marishka (Josie Maran) - and the minion Igor (Kevin J. O'Connor).

Other heroes of the film, the Frankenstein monster (Shuler Hensley) and the Wolf Man (Will Kemp) is a tragic figures, used by Count - against his will help him in the realization of his dream of domination of the race of people. Van Helsing to Transylvania after his arrival he meets Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale), the gypsy princess, whose family for centuries fighting with Dracula and his allies. To undo the curse that hangs over her straight and take revenge for the death of loved ones, Anna decides to help Van Helsing in the exercise of its mission.

Among obłędnych chases, explosions and fights our heroes will fight a fierce battle with the Vampire and his rabble. And what will be the outcome? You will learn this in the cinema.

Having experience with the "Mumia," Sommers applied to the principle of "more, harder, more efficiently," and created a film that his momentum - both in terms of budget and action itself - surpasses all his previous films.

First of all, greatly increased the number of special effects - deserve attention mainly monsters and animation (created by Allan Cameron) brilliant scenography, imposing atmosphere of classic horror films from the 40's.

I must admit that sometimes Sommers and his team transplanted the amount of special effects - such their wealth, we see in this film, it can sometimes seem too artificial and far-fetched, but I think that just adds "Van Helsing" charm and the better it polish.

It also affects an original idea from the beginning of the black-and-white film and the incredible tempo, punctuated at the appropriate times witty dialogues (specialization Sommers).

"Van Helsing" weapons also from the actors - both disguised Jackman in the title role, as well as partnering him Kate Beckinsale as Anna beauty perfectly suited. Also, the supporting cast - voluptuous and sexy vampires, man-wolf, witty and well-read Carl - doing exactly what the scenario predicted for them. In terms of the cast of the movie dominated but Richard Roxburgh as self-possessed, and at the same time torn emotions of Count Dracula.

The way in which he can instantly engulfed by the desire to kill the monster turn into an aristocrat with a straight face, is amazing! The only drawback Sommers' work is quite frequent lack of logic in some events. For example, we learn why Dracula can not be killed by conventional methods - the pin in the heart, holy water, garlic, etc.

and why the count is actually unlimited power and control over werewolves ... Despite this, "Van Helsing" is an interesting film about the uncomplicated story and ensemble cast.

If you come to it with a grain of salt and not postawicie his unreasonable demands, I guarantee that during the session you will have a great time, finding the film different, intriguing flavors (for connoisseurs of commercial cinema). In summary, go to "Van Helsing" - at least you will know what others complain ....

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