Sauvage Christian Dior Cologne

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Sauvage is not a dark fragrance at all. After having it for a week and smelling it every day, I find it repulsive. It's not a disgusting smell but something about it is extremely off-putting.
They are simply too complicated for regular noses .Sometimes you just want a crowd pleaser. Mind you tho you have to be a person within the crowd too , dont buy it should you dont like it ofcourse . Fruity-woody urbanistic "asphalt-jungle" scent from the hi-tech epoch.
because i got bored of owning all these particular fragrances i have that i cant wear anytime i would like. I cant like go to class and wear dhi now am i able to ? Or pure malt or any of the frags i've.
It is spectacularly ugly on first spray with a nauseating blast of laundry musk - akin to removing the lid from a bottle of fabric softener and poking your nostril inside. This is then followed by the over- acquainted and nebulous odor of air-freshener and grocery store physique spray.
Sauvage just isn't the perfume for rebels and outsider, it is for the comformists! I'd rather think about a Calvin Klein type of marketing with office people in fits and white shirts in excessive tech workplaces than with Johnny Depp in the desert.
Smells like freshly showered younger self-assured man in white shirt and black tie from the Wall-Street in early summer morning. Fresh and uplifting with just perfect lasting energy and silage. I am not a fan of Blu de Chanel at all. And yet, Blue does not smell as powerfully synthetic as this.