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Ventouris Ferries with their vesel 'Bari', that holds 1125 passengers and 330 cars and 'Rigel' which holds 1130 passengers and 330 cars. Just as in previous years, there shall be ferries, direct, from Italy to Zakynthos on the peak of summer time.
On 26 October 2018, a 6.four-magnitude earthquake south of the island brought on no accidents but broken the local pier and a thirteenth Century monastery. During the Nazi occupation of Greece, Mayor Karrer and Bishop Chrysostomos refused Nazi orders to show in an inventory of the members of the town's Jewish community for deportation to the dying camps. Instead they hid all of the town's Jewish folks in rural villages.
Zakynthos was then conquered by King Arkesios of Kefalonia, and then by Odysseus from Ithaca. In the Odyssey, Homer mentions 20 nobles from Zakynthos amongst a complete of 108 of Penelope's suitors.

By Bus And Ferry, Ferry, Car Ferry Or Plane

According to some sources, all 275 Jews of Zakynthos survived the warfare. Both have been later acknowledged as Righteous among the Nations by Yad Vashem. In contrast, over 80% of Greek Jews have been deported to death camps and perished within the Holocaust. The Athenian army commander Tolmides concluded an alliance with Zakynthos through the First Peloponnesian War someday between 459 and 446 BC. In 430 BC, the Lacedaemonians made an unsuccessful attack upon Zakynthos.
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  • Afterwards, we are going to move through the monastery of St.George, one of the oldest in Greece and a few picturesque villages of Zakynthos, and the oldest olive tree on the island at Exohora.

Can you walk to navagio Beach?

The best way to get from Athens Airport (ATH) to Zakynthos without a car is to bus and ferry which takes 7h 7m and costs 29€ - 70€. How long does it take to get from Athens Airport (ATH) to Zakynthos? It takes approximately 2h 20m to get from Athens Airport (ATH) to Zakynthos, including transfers.

Zakynthos is a separate regional unit of the Ionian Islands region, and its solely municipality. It covers an area of 405.55 km2 (156.6 sq mi) and its shoreline is roughly 123 km in length. The name, like all similar names ending in -nthos, is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin. In Greek mythology the island was mentioned to be named after Zakynthos, the son of the legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus. From the 17th of July to the 5th of September there might be a a ferry boat as soon as a week with stops in Sami, Igoumenitsa and Corfu depending on the schedule.
The Zakynthians are then enumerated among the many autonomous allies of Athens in the disastrous Sicilian expedition. These exiles must have belonged to the anti-Spartan celebration because the Zakynthian rulers applied for help to the Spartans who despatched a fleet of 25 to the island. The historic Greek poet Homer talked about Zakynthos within the Iliad and the Odyssey, stating that its first inhabitants have been the son of King Dardanos of Arcadia, called Zakynthos, and his men. Before being renamed Zakynthos, the island was mentioned to have been called Hyrie.

Navagio Beach: The Shipwreck Beach

Zakynthos was hit by a 7.three-magnitude earthquake in 1953, which destroyed most of the buildings on the island. Subsequently, all buildings have been fortified to protect towards further tremors.