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If you happen to be some sort of Vodka fanatic, subsequently you learn how relaxing typically the drink might be when considered responsibly. In fact that the market has quite a few stoli brands varying within rates and it determines just what an individual can enjoy in terms of value. Some of the higher end vodka brands can be too expensive for a great normal vodka fan in order to afford. The cost in best cases will rely upon what exactly has been applied in the generation connected with the grey goose. Some move through high-priced unique production treatments; consequently, they tend to be able to be costlier. The type of the vodka bottle of wine can also determine this price.

As an illustration, suppliers use platinum, gold, diamond jewelry and even other treasures for you to enhance the vodka baby bottles. The additions shoot up the costs and the bottle could be held as gifts and they can actually add more the touch involving splendor on a display at your home too. Some expensive vodkas also come with unique gifts attached to all of them hence the amount paid. The high-priced options will be merely luxurious in every feeling. In this article are some of the most expensive vodka brands you will find in the market.

Kors Vodka -

The brand features different vodka versions similar to Kors Vodka 24k which usually goes for $24, five-hundred. Additionally, it has Kors Vodka Silver going for $16, 500. Kors is the reputable brand appreciated typically by royals together with celebs as well as billionaires. This vodka goes by means of the stone distillation method, making that the ideal in quality. The container is designed uniquely together with luxuriously also which brings for the high price associated with the vodka. The prices are usually definitely not an issue for those looking for typically the finest vodka they may find. This brand is definitely very popular among celebrities and billionaires.

Iordanov Frozen vodka -

It's from Russian federation and it has a illustrious prior to the idea. It has limited types and you will need to part with $4, 150 to enjoy the particular vodka. This is most thanks to the 14, 000 Swarovski crystals that are presented on the container producing it very attractive.

Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka rapid

OVAL is a well known grey goose brand across typically the world and this confined version from the model provides Swarovski crystals doing container go for $6, 922.

Magnum Grey Goose Vodka instructions

Gray Goose is also a well known brand in the entire world and this special edition offers Chopard precious precious jewelry will be incorporated to create a great impressive unique cage for the liquor. A bottle of the vodka goes for $815.

Uindskr?nket Crystal clear -

Likely for $1, 000 a new bottle, typically the liquor can be crafted in the extravagant high priced container. The fine vodka is situated in some sort of very pinstripe jar generating that very attractive.

Diva Frozen vodka -

It will be highly expensive with some sort of bottle taking $1, 1000, 000! Yes, a , 000, 000 for the perfectly gemstone based purification vodka production procedure by Blackwood distillers. The bottle is lovely with a crystal studded keep running through this.

Russo- Baltique Vodka instructions

It is very high-priced standing at $1, 350, 000 regarding a bottle of wine from the particular US home title having every pot containing stone artwork together with yellow-colored and even white gold.

Billionaire Vodka-