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In the earliest, we thought this was just a straightforward outside accident, and it was far more than that following deep understanding.
On February 3, at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, party Xiaoying (Outdoor ID) said to his friend: 'Fly to Snow Mountain!'
On February 13, Kitty Hawk released the second circle of buddies just after he came out of your mountain: 'Sincerely thank you for the aid!'

On February 18, Kitty told 'Outdoor Adventure': 'The 1st joint with 3 fingers can't be saved, and it demands amputation.'

This can be a mountain climbing event which has not been prepared for a lengthy time. In the program for the get started in the memory of Kitty Hawk, the trip is only about half a month.
The origin is an AA appointment post initiated by ID 'Brother or Ze Qi's handsome' in 8264, in conjunction with Shanyou 'match heaven'.
Xiaoying read the appointment post, contacted the initiator to go over the travel time, and located that it was suitable to join voluntarily. (Outdoor AA appointment frequently means that the team will not have a leader, as well as the teammates are only responsible for each other)
Now open 8264 to search for the posting record of ID 'Brother is Ze Qi's handsome'. The above-mentioned companion post has been deleted. The most recent record continues to be in March 2018: the problem in the duty of your sponsor of outdoor activities.

This time, a thing went incorrect.
On February 4th, the day of New Year's Eve, at the bus station, Kitty Hawk met with two companions, plus the starting point in the grass loved ones departed together. On the similar day, they arrived at the mouth of Zigangou and camped at an altitude of 2850 meters. Anything was standard.
On February five, at 9 a.m., I set off from Zigangoukou Camp. At about 7:ten within the evening, Kitty Hawk arrived at an altitude of 3450 in the cowshed camp.

On February six, the three arrived at Camp 4700 and camped.
Departing at 9 a.m. on February 7th, the two companions separated from Kitty Hawk immediately after leaving at an altitude of 4700 camp. Immediately after that, there was no sight on both sides on the mountain. Subsequently, the two chose to retreat soon after a fall at 5200 meters, and camped at an altitude of 5000 meters.
On February 8, the two companions continued to withdraw to the 3450 cowshed camp at an altitude, and no eagles have been noticed.
On February 9, the two companions arrived within the grass family members, unable to reach Kitty.
(Supply of the above details: Companion dictation within the rescue memo of Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps)

Till the evening of February 11, the two companions of Kitty Hawk nonetheless didn't know no matter whether Kitty Hawk was on the mountain or down. Externally, it was nevertheless declared: 'The Kitty Hawk withdrew and didn't tell us.'
It was not till the morning of the 12th that Shanghai ’s Kitty friends couldn't sit nonetheless and chose to call the police: “I also knew that he had a certain capacity of self-preservation, so I had a ray of hope and replaced it with other individuals who gave up long ago”.

At 20 o'clock around the 12th, the Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps intervened after receiving a report from the family members, and dispatched an advance group for the incident web-site to form a joint rescue team with all the neighborhood government and public security.
Just after 18 hours of difficult function overnight, at 2:ten pm on February 13, the joint rescue team found the lost Kitty Hawk in a valley of 3200 meters above sea level. The conscious behavior on the particular person concerned was sober, and there was no other trauma except the black on the left fingertip.
This is an particularly effective mountain rescue in Sichuan.

About 3 plus a half hours later, the Kitty Hawk with standard mobility, accompanied by the rescue team, returned to Caoke Township. (Data source: two.13 Search and Rescue Report of Lost Personnel in Jinyin Mountain, Gongga Mountain, complete text is attached later)
In the summary with the rescue report from the Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps, two shortcomings have been pointed out: 1 is that the companion didn't report the case instantly soon after discovering the issue, which delayed a specific rescue opportunity; Throughout the rescue, certain misjudgments had been made to the rescue team.

We attempted to figure out why the three of us climbed the high-risk glacial peaks collectively, why they separated around the glaciers. Regrettably, a companion of Kitty Hawk heard that it was a media reporter and hung up the phone decisively and refused to interview. The other companion could not be reached.

But we got in the party's Kitty Hawk from February 7th to 13th. Through these seven days, what occurred to him alone.
According to Kitty Hawk's recall, the earlier trip progressed somewhat smoothly. He traveled to an altitude of 4700 meters to establish a camp. When he departed the following day because of the inconsistency on the route, he separated. When he reached 5200 meters, he still didn't see the two companions, and as a result of the symptoms of high reaction, he no longer insisted on climbing.
Kitty left the backpack around the glacier, employing the only four ice cones plus a 20-meter static rope on hand, the rope fell into an ice crack to prevent the wind, plus the tent could not be opened, so the damp pad and sleeping bag have been spread out.
Then he spent two days in the crack of your ice. Kitty believed that the backpack left on the glacier was conspicuous sufficient that his teammates would come across it when he passed by. Till two days later, no companions appeared, and he started to retreat alone.
The tragedy that truly brought on frostbite also began here. Around the way down, he camped at an altitude of about five,000 meters. This evening, the powerful wind blew away his sleeping bags and gloves, creating him hard to survive. Immediately after that, he began to descend constantly and stopped. Since the original ascending route was a mountain forest and no water source, Kitty chose to walk on the other side with the river valley until it encountered a joint rescue group.
At this time, Kitty hadn't eaten for five days, just drinking water. Even though there was nonetheless some meals in the backpack, Kitty Hawk expressed no wish to eat.

The list of equipment carried by Kitty Hawk on this trip is full with mountaineering technical equipment and medicine preparation (also carrying dexamethasone). However the lack of communication equipment exposed really serious problems.
There isn't any intercom.
There are actually no immediate messaging devices including satellite phones, Haichao boxes, etc.

No standard mountaineering group must appear like this: glaciers marching with each other. Premature separation also leads to helplessness soon after losing contact.
There is no meticulous consideration of the peak information-before beginning, Kitty Hawk did not even carefully read the climbing report of Jinyinshan (18 years by the absolutely free rider expedition), and the trajectory came in the sharing of two companions.
There is absolutely no encounter and ability to independently climb a technical snow mountain-previously, Xiaoying and his good friends only climbed the 3 peaks of Siguniang Mountain below the guidance of a local guide.
Failure to apply for any legal and compliant mountaineering administrative license ahead of time is illegal mountaineering.
Probably the most significant factor is: contrary towards the prevalent sense of 'no brothers, no mountaineering', lack of in-depth understanding of each other, Kitty Hawk doesn't even realize the climbing resume from the two companions.
This is what we discovered, the very first rescue accident brought on by the technical platform AA regarding the technical snow mountain climbing.

Just before the occasion, Kitty Hawk did not have a close relationship together with the two peers, but only met on the internet.
But Kitty isn't an outdoor white. A pal of Kitty Hawk recalled that there was a small base inside a park near his home. On weekends, he normally brought individuals to accomplish rope strategy workouts and offered gear. Evening off operate on weekdays, individuals are often asked to run, climb, and teach men and women ways to complete the marathon in Binjiang Park, numerous of that are no cost.
Kitty Hawk is usually a marathon 'elite runner', by far the most current Malaysian results in three hours and ten minutes. His climbing capacity is about 5.11 (not undesirable among amateur climbers). He's also a middle-level outdoor instructor from the China Mountaineering Association and has the expertise of major a trekking team.
Maybe that is also an important cause why Kitty Hawks didn't completely lose and bury their bones within the wilderness.
Nevertheless, his pal also pointed out that the Kitty Hawk lacked safety awareness and didn't comply with the rules, which include: 'Climbing Pioneer will not prefer to place the quick-hanger.'
Around the telephone, Kitty told 'Outdoor Adventure': This can be a lesson. Talking about the problem of rescue fees, Kitty Hawk said that the certain costs are detailed, which should be accepted.
The author is often a small bit out of touch. The price of this lesson may be heavy, not only the financially a lot more than 20,000 rescue expenses, but also the very first joint of the three fingers that could be lost?
The calmness in Kitty's words seemed unusual, perhaps he saw through some human nature by way of this accident.
Unique thanks: Sichuan Mountaineering Outside Sports Association and Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps
Appendix: '2.13 Report on Search and Rescue of Lost Personnel in Jinyin Mountain in Gongga Mountain Area'

1. Overview with the incident:
On February four, 2019, on New Year's Eve, inside the mountainous location of ​​Gongga Mountain, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, outdoor enthusiast Zhang Mou (screen name Xiaoying) and two other outside enthusiasts have been accompanied by a total of 3 persons to carry out outdoor sports in Jinyinshan. At around 9 a.m. on February 7th, 3 folks had been divided into two teams in the campsite at an altitude of 4700 meters. Kitty Hawk rested and adjusted at the exact same location. The other two outdoor enthusiasts continued to climb up. Throughout the two teams lost communication, the 8th forward The two outdoor enthusiasts returned to the camp at an altitude of 4700 meters with no seeing the Kitty Hawk. continued to withdraw and returned towards the grass loved ones on the 9th. According to the itinerary program, Kitty Hawk need to climb the mountain on the 10th or 11th. Soon after going out of your mountain, two outside enthusiasts contacted Kitty Hawk by a variety of signifies, inquired the locals, and so on. to inquire regarding the whereabouts of Kitty Hawk.
On the morning with the 12th, mainly because the buddies of Kitty Hawk could not reach me, they chose to contact the police for assistance. In the afternoon of that day, soon after receiving the alarm, the Caoke Township Government organized 9 villagers to look for the unsuccessful way by inquiring along the way from the road area down in the cow shed at 3800 meters above sea level. On the evening of your 12th, the Mountain Rescue Corps of Sichuan Province received an alarm from the relatives of Xiaoying, straight away initiated the emergency strategy, and contacted the regional police station along with the administrative department of sports mountaineering in Ganzi Prefecture for the first time for you to acquire rescue permission.
Around the evening of your 12th, the Provincial Mountain Rescue Corps contacted the relatives, friends, netizens as well as other relevant parties of the parties to obtain details in regards to the parties, in the very same time gather members, collect multi-party information, analyze the search and rescue scope, formulate search and rescue plans, assign tasks, prepare rescue equipment and materials. Right after receiving the relatives in the parties at 1 am around the 13th, they exchanged opinions once again. At two:40, the initial echelon of the mountain rescue team and also the relatives in the parties departed for the incident website overnight.

The rescue team set off overnight.
The rescue group arrived at Caoke Township near the incident at 7:14 inside the morning. In the same time, the background personnel of your rescue team command center continue to gather info in regards to the missing personnel to provide rescue coordination guarantee for the personnel in front.

Background staff are tracking the real-time place of rescue group members.
At eight a.m. on the 13th, the provincial rescue group placed the relatives of the parties and docked with all the secretary of Caoke Township. Both parties combined the front facts and the rear details to conduct on-site evaluation, combined all the front and rear data, analyzed the parties, and determined their doable scope. To formulate preliminary search and rescue routes and plans.

At 11:20, the very first batch of search and rescue personnel went up the mountain to search and rescue soon after obtaining permission. The rescue group is divided into two teams. 1 team is searched by neighborhood villagers at a distance of 3800 meters above the cowshed road, as well as the other team is performed by the provincial mountain rescue team with higher altitude sports and rescue experience to the location above 3800 meters. Search and rescue.
At 2:ten pm around the 13th, the Provincial Mountain Rescue Corps received a notice from the front team members that the joint rescue group located the celebration Kitty within the river valley at an altitude of 3200m and performed a preliminary examination to confirm that the party's conscious behavior was clear, except for the left finger The tip is black and you will discover no other injuries. All the rescuers then retreated down the planned route.

The village rescue group searched the river valley.
At 16:45 on the afternoon of the 13th, the celebration was escorted back to Caoke Township, where they were again checked by 120 regional healthcare staff. At eight o'clock that evening, the Provincial Mountain Rescue Corps returned to Chengdu by car with all the parties and their relatives, and arrived in Chengdu following 0:00 around the 14th. At this point, the search and rescue mission is more than.
Timeline of key events:

2. Division of Provincial Mountain Rescue Corps Jinyinshan search and rescue operations personnel:

3. The key equipment configuration in the players in front:
Satellite telephone, Hailing rescue positioning communication program, intercom, compass, regional map, reconnaissance drone, mountaineering technical gear, rescue rope, emergency healthcare supplies, telescope, vehicle, cold protective clothing, tent, sleeping bag, headlight , Flashlights, cookware, meals, etc .;
four. The main function on the Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps Jinyinshan search and rescue operation:
1. Start the emergency response program for mountain rescue immediately, analyze the urgency of SAR mountain search and rescue, the result in the evaluation is an emergency response, and right away notify the team members to prepare for function.
2. Instantly report for the regional police station along with the sports mountaineering administrative department of Ganzi Prefecture to acquire permission to leave the group.
3. Assemble the group members to attend operate, and just after arriving at the team headquarters, exchange information and facts, conduct incident evaluation and formulate key search and rescue scopes.
four. Team members debug and deploy technical equipment and medical emergency items.
five. Following meeting together with the relatives in the parties concerned, the rescue team in front in the first group went to the accident site overnight.
6. The team members in front arrive in the place on the incident, and soon after the relatives with the parties are settled, they dock using the neighborhood government, police station, and guide, exchange information, and formulate a preliminary search and rescue strategy.

Exchange info with the frontline personnel from the police station.
7. The personnel inside the rear continue to get in touch with the pals and companions on the parties, confirm and receive more data regarding the personality, behavior patterns, technical equipment, supplies and gear of your parties, and interact with the group members in time to help the front rescuers to adjust and increase the search and rescue strategy .
8. The commander approves the search and rescue operation according to the search and rescue strategy, plus the front and rear group members are connected by means of satellite positioning, satellite phone, and Haichai rescue platform monitoring method.
9. Following the rescue team has searched for the celebration, it'll conduct a physical examination on the spot, and report the predicament for the group headquarters at the very same time, and conduct a preliminary very important indicators examination and evaluation and emergency health-related care for the celebration.

ten. Escort the person towards the road junction, and return to Caoke Township by vehicle.
11. Interact with all the 120 healthcare personnel to check the wellness status on the individual concerned, and hand over the individual to the 120 healthcare personnel for an additional wellness examination.
12. Just after dinner, the players in front on the Provincial Mountain Rescue Corps along with the parties and their relatives returned to Chengdu.
13. Throughout more info of your rescue mission, the rescue team was subjected to public opinion pressures of 'inaction' and 'privacy leakage', which had a specific influence on the rescue mission. Beneath the communication and coordination of numerous parties, the two crisis public relations have been successfully completed.
V. Event evaluation and summary:
1. Because of the lack of corresponding communication gear and mechanisms for the individuals participating in this outdoor activity, the pre-departure organizing isn't best, resulting inside the incident.
two. Immediately after the activity program is changed, there is no corresponding action strategy and response strategy, the two parties of your action are basically to judge and act as outlined by their very own considering.
3. Following finding the issue, there was no immediate report, which delayed specific rescue opportunities.
four. Each sides from the incident created some discrepancies inside the incident statement, which brought on certain misjudgments to the rescue group during the rescue.
six. Create in the end:
It was discovered in the communication with the client that just after becoming separated in the companion on the very same day, the client rested and waited in situ to get a long time, considering that the companion was in danger above, and slowly withdrew to prepare for aid just after operating out of supplies. When the companion above returned and identified that the individual was not at the scene and could not locate him, he also believed that the person was in distress and rapidly withdrew and returned to seek assist. The parties encountered some unexpected conditions throughout the retreat, which brought on delays in travel and loss of gear, causing them to be trapped within the jungle, which triggered the rescue incident.
Here, the Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps reminds outside players that when we engage in outdoor sports, whether we are meeting with a familiar friend or temporarily teaming up, we really should make an ideal pre-departure program, particularly with regards to communication. Within the event that the original itinerary program is changed due to temporary situations, it is essential to temporarily adjust the program arrangement to ensure that the follow-up activities could be safely completed. In the identical time, it should really also comply with regional laws and regulations, in particular when performing technical mountaineering more than 3500 meters. In accordance together with the relevant provisions in the Sichuan Mountaineering Management Measures, register with all the Sichuan Mountaineering Outdoor Sports Association for registration and prepare corresponding commercial insurance and communication equipment as essential.

In 2019, the Sichuan Mountaineering Outside Sports Association as well as the Sichuan Mountain Rescue Corps teamed up with Hailing Technology to jointly make a Sichuan outside sports satellite positioning rescue communication platform, and combined together with the related rescue supporting system, aiming to take part in outside mountaineering for everybody in Sichuan Buddies deliver safer and much more extensive outside sports protection.
Author: Kaka