Example Of A Good Email Sales Funnel

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The low cost offer is something that they will place a high value on, (like the printable checklist I mentioned in the last lesson) that you offer them at an extreme discount. This is what qualifies them as a buyer and helps create trust.

The next offer should be a moderately priced offer that enhances the previous offers in some way. Continuing with the wedding example. Your free item could be an ebook with planning tips, which leads to the low cost checklist, which leads to a complete wedding planner that they can download and print or have shipped to them. From there you can lead them to higher priced items until they reach the top of your funnel. This should be your highest priced item.

Here is a quick example of how this wedding funnel could continue:

Next you could offer a series of tutorials that will help them plan out the basic details of their wedding themselves. This is a hands free system that you set up once and sell over and over again. It will pair nicely with the free tip book and the planner from the low end of the funnel. It will also help introduce them to the higher priced items.

The next stage of the funnel could be one on one consulting. Where you would help them plan their wedding, but they still do most of the work.

Lastly, could be complete planning packages. Where you do all the work and the bride just sits back and relaxes. This will be the high ticket item.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to fill your funnel with products that you create yourself. You can make nice commissions by promoting other people’s products as well. Just look for non-competing products that will benefit your customers and see if they offer an affiliate or partner program.

A well thought out email funnel will consist of a series of messages that educate and nurture subscribers while it moves them through the buying journey from one product to the next. It starts with their first awareness of your business, where they know they have a problem and look to you for help, to the decision phase where they commit to making a purchase and decide to follow where you lead.

It will grow and evolve over time as you become more aware of the wants and needs of your subscribers, so you should consistently evaluate your results and listen to your audience to make sure you’re always providing value.
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