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Nice article guys!
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As for traversal, BM hunters can carry a water strider pet - it has an ability that allows you to walk on water. Awesome information, I've been having a number of fun at this new hub.

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I can confirm that after summoning with incantations and having one other player tag it, you still get full credit score & can full the quest.

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Actually nice information! I do have one question although.
On my first day I acquired a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen from my Sunreaver Bounty. Does this imply that character will not be eligible to loot another this week, or does it count as one of many "extremely uncommon" drop probabilities? by Elladaryn
What's shocking to me is how much is happening with the isle of thunder.. so many interlocking mechanisms with the stones and summonable stuff,, the trove, the chests the rares and so on. So many various type of mobs to search for.

And then you've gotten the Isle of the giants, which has nothing remotely fascinating except slaughtering dinosaurs for bones.. very primal.

Nice guide.
The pure act of killing elite dinosaurs is sort of difficult.

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I might be inquisitive about a information to getting 10 Golden Chests for . I've heard these Golden Chests can drop the new Mogu Rune of Destiny, so it'd be related to everybody.

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Can somebody confirm that incantations only drop as soon as per week?

Comment by perculia
If anybody can get information on the above remark, let me know and I'll add it in. Droprates for the whole lot had been fairly high on PTR, in all probability so everybody could check things easily.

I've had two incantations drop for the 2 characters I've accomplished quests for, both on the first day after only a few kills.

I have yet to see a second Incantation drop on either toon, one in all whom I've been doing the dailies on each day. So it does seem it is likely to be a once a week drop (or I've simply had extremely unhealthy luck).

On one other note, you possibly can simply attain the locked areas of the Island, and full many of the achievements in there already. Is perhaps price doing earlier than they unlock so you do not have dozens of players working about messing up the achievements.

Comment by FunPika
"When flying over your faction's capital, you'll routinely get Thunder Calls in your log. "

I feel that is likely to be wherever within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I obtained it soon after dinging ninety whereas on a flight path to Serpent's Spine which took me nowhere near the Shine of Seven Stars.

Howdy Zerkmar, (not my identify)
Recreation Master Nibynoqq right here. I am simply getting back to you concerning your difficulty with the Trove of the Thunder King.

The key to the Palace of Lei Shen can indeed be found in it and you will discover multiple keys per week. :)

Nibynoqq English Sport Master Team Blizzard Leisure

That is what a GM advised to a player within the Trove of the Thunder King's comments. Vote that comment up so different gamers can get that information. by Options
My first day in stage 2 right now, and this was not the case for me:

In Stage 2, you now have the option of doing PvE or PvP dailies. The next quest UI will pop up when clicking in your faction's map.

I simply had the three PVE hubs, identical as stage one. I assumed maybe I missed the time to click on on the map - so I went by the solo scenario on an alt however had the same result straight afterwards.

Think that's a bug or that now we have to wait until realms reset tonight?
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The Trove of the Thunder King can only be looted as soon as a week, upon getting looted it you will not be able to see any more chests.

Wat =(. That explains just a few things.
Yeah, i obtained annoyed after i knew that becuase i was farming like crazy...

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In the end awesome guide!
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I believe you could have to complete the quest the place you summon three elites (requires 9x stones complete , however you may also be out of group and "tag" them for credit score)

Hope this helps !
The Elites summoned with the Ritual Stones will not be faction shared, and hitting them is not going to provide you with credit or loot. You'll truly need to be within the group that summoned him/has the tag to be able to get credit I am afraid.