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23. Nicklas Backstrom- Backstrom's production took a 36 point drop last season. He's playing on a very talented team with Alexander Ovechkin so that I see a fairly good season . Projection: 81 points.

First of all, before I explain why I believe this was a poor option, I must clarify my semi bias. I am a Chicago Blackhawks fan. It's customary that I root against Detroit who was our Rivals because the creation of the nhl. Although I dislike the Red Wings as a team, I have great respect for their own players. Each player, besides Todd Bertuzzi, is a fantastic ambassador of the game of hockey. Each player they have is skillful beyond belief and they'll beat you fairly. I have a hatred due to all the losses they've handed my group, but I respect them fully. With that out of the way, I want to say that Nicklas Lidstrom did not deserve a Norris Trophy this season.

The Blackhawks have seen many highs and lows, as any group that has been in existence for nearly nine decades would. Many great players have come and gone. Just four of those players were able to produce 100 or more points in one regular season. Two of these players accomplished the feat on more than one occasion.

The NFL: The largest national TV contracts, massively successful marketing deals with amazing revenue sharing that allows small markets to compete. See Green Bay, San Diego, Baltimore. True parity. Gate receipts aren't quite important to a team's financial success. Every team should be in profit. Last work stoppage was in 1987.

Anze Kopitar- Anze Kopitar got 73 points last season and was a plus 25. This year, together with his new teammate Mike Richards there to give him aid. I think that the 23 year old center will have a breakout year. Projection: 87 points.

6) Key injuries are not always crucial - Calgary's Jarome Iginla was probably playing the best hockey in the Western Conference, so it would appear sensible that the Flames would struggle when he went down with a knee injury. Instead, the group just kept on winning, and they scored seven against Colorado despite missing their chief offensive threat. 해외축구중계 is incredibly alluring despite missing Jason Spezza, and having star defenseman Wade Redden on and off the injury list all season. Don't fall into the trap of assuming that a steam is in trouble without a star.

Corey Perry- Perry has always been known as a star during his career. But last season, he showed everyone he's an all-star. He made it to the 50 goal mark and was tied for the league lead in game winning goals with 11. He was awarded with the Hart Trophy for his unbelievable season. Projection: 89 points.

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