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Transport for Mummy was tough through the week as a result of the unrest. We still managed to fulfill Nicole for an expensive dinner.
He talked with a Swede and climbed some stairs to join the journalists who were recording the synchronized movements of the police and protesters below. After the tear gas and water cannon retreated, Daddy went down to the front line for some nearer pictures and to hear the protesters' demands.
In Central a black masked person requested if Daddy was a journalist, Daddy replied sure, and the protester asked for credentials. Daddy said he was a contract photojournalist and he imagine him. A little girl with a loud voice explained what was going on.
MJ at Richard's, with Daddy bringing his personal meals fake pas. Daddy went to PolyU to photograph the barricades on the tunnel and so on.
The police then warned after which fired tear fuel the place Daddy was photographing. After recovering from the slight discomfort to the eyes, Daddy lit a ciggy. There have been loads of people around with water and saline for teary eyes.
Mummy worked from home and so we had time to go the local beach. Met Leung Goo Leung at her son's restaurant in Hang Hau Village. Everything seemed normal, as flowing beer was consumed.