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Disney has changed its style over the years.

His fairy tales no longer resemble musical stories. They are similar to the production of Pixar studio. Such is "Piorun". Piorun is a superhero.

Has more power than the legendary Superman and ... is a dog. His life is a constant struggle against evil, and in particular with the devious Doctor Ladazzo and his helpers, cats. He is accompanied by human friend Penny on missions. Everything is beautiful, nice, but it's just fiction. In fact, Piorun is a TV star. To make it even funnier, the hero does not know it. Just like the animated "Truman Show" with pets in the lead role. One time, Piorun accidentally gets out of the studio. And here begins the adventure. A great dog, not so great outside, trying to find his home. It is not easy when you do not have special skills. The distances become bigger, their tiring is tired, and in addition real sweat and blood appear. But what are friends for? In this case, the hostage, the cat Marlena and the fan of television Piorun, the hamster Attila. However, after some time, shared experiences bring the animals closer together and they become true companions, companions for good and bad. A plot like a plot. Schematic as it happens in fairy tales.

But that doesn't mean boring. best free movie streaming sites 2019 The main character makes friends, overcomes weaknesses and happy endings. Everything presented in an interesting and humorous way. Animation often takes a long time, especially during various pursuits. This may discourage older audiences, but the children will be delighted.

For who does they dream of super abilities? The film's strength is also to separate the fictional world from the real world.

The young viewer together with Piorun learns to distinguish truth from imaginary stories. Bajka shows that not everything that can be seen on television is real. High level our Polish dubbing.

Particularly worth distinguishing Tomasz Karolak and Sonia Bohosiewicz. They both dubbed the funniest characters. Tomasz Karolak perfectly portrayed the character of Attila, a crazy hamster, a great film fan of Piorun. His lisp and original way of expression gave a great charm to the already sweet animal. Sonia's voice was sarcastic and ironic, just as Marlena's cat should have. Borys Szyc, who dubbed Piorun, had the simplest task. The hero didn't stand out at all.

Of course, many thanks to the crew directing Polish dubbing. It is thanks to her that the animation abounds in funny and "iconic" speeches, which for a long time after watching the film will be pleasantly remembered and often quoted. The film teaches that to be a real hero, you do not need to be superfluous, and the bonds of true friendship will not destroy anything. Young viewers can understand that not everything that happens on the television screen is real. The film made me laugh many times and evoked positive feelings. Despite many advantages, I think that "Piorun" is largely intended more for children than adults.

Mature viewers may feel slightly unsatisfied ...