A striking image of the turmoil of war

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When Roman Polanski is taken for making the film, it certainly has to come out of this something really strong. So also is the case with "The Pianist." When I first heard about this movie, I thought that this is another picture of the tragedy of war, the Holocaust, a little hackneyed theme, but because of the writers should probably go to the cinema.

After seeing one thing I know for sure - perhaps the topic is well-worn, but the trio Polanski, Edelman and Kilar, adding to the great actors of both Polish (Pieczyński, Zielinski, Malaszynski, Ostaszewska) and foreign (Brody, Kretschmann, Lipman) they created another video, which came to film classics and is compulsory for everyone to watch adult viewer, regardless of the preferences of film. This is a brief story of the brilliant artist-pianist of Jewish origin, living in Warsaw, whose adult life span and work coincided with the period of the Second World War. The collision of the delicate soul of the artist, performed by Adrien Brody, with the brutal reality of occupied Warsaw. Is that topnotch talent has a chance to survive the turmoil of war hell? What stigma squeezed war on the mind so delicate? In the film, from the very beginning surprising attention to detail in the presentation of all the realities of the occupation period. The realism of the scenes and characters is really a strikingly perfect, palpable. Costumes and makeup are worked out so well that the viewer watching a movie, and sometimes does not even notice, can absorb the main action to the very end of the film. The story of how war affects the behavior and character of the man-artist who deal every day with brutality and violence, forced to do hard and exhausting physical labor, grabs each viewer's heart, leading to tears and laughter alternately. Image extremes of human behavior during the occupation, sometimes destitute of any human feelings, the principles of coexistence, is really shocking.

After all, the picture emerges of heroic compassion and help those most in need, that is, the Jews condemned to extermination deliberate and thoughtful, and save their lives at the expense of their own existence. The filmmakers also took care perfectly for historical truth, without exaggerated pathos and hyperbole.

It is as if embedded in the main plot of the film and is the perfect background for him. An undoubted advantage is great music, both constituting another background for the film and foreground element, especially in the final portion of the film. It is music that makes even the most tough guys secretly chafing tears of emotion while watching a movie, and to be honest, did not conceal this. I had a feeling that the film was sort of test for the galaxy of Polish actors, who confirmed the full extent of its high class. It is also thanks to them that the film is somehow more "ours, homey" and the more likely it is to watch. Image film may sometimes confusingly resemble "Schindler's List" in your drama, presenting characters and situations. According to me, there is one important difference: in "Schindler's List," the hero is a multiplayer, turn here is to focus on the individual and receive heightened drama of the human race. Personally, I do not know the person you did not like the movie. It may seem strange, but in this kind of productions so happens that after the screening all out in silence, and discussions begin only after some time. I think this proves the deep experience, which also forces the image, which is an undoubted advantage.

I am also convinced that, among others, the idea was just the creators of "The Pianist" ..